Wednesday, May 23, 2007


What the heck is phomusic?

Well, I love photography and music. In this age of bastardising the English language, I figured I would join in and literally combine the two.

So this blog has two focuses that may sometimes clash or sometimes merge - my Photography, and the music I love.

Of course, photography and music has more in common than just me. Both are art forms, both a product of someone's creativity and then delivered to the world for you to enjoy, think about, internalise and then form an emotional reaction to. Sometimes both transcend what the artist thought they were capable of, and sometimes they are both downright crap.

Now my photography is kind of eclectic but generally I love take photos of animals. Not run of the mill "my cat on the sofa" shots - I try to show that each animal is an individual. Just like us, and also very different for us.

But pictures speak louder than words right?

This is what I want photography to do - capture SOMETHING. Mean something. Make you think and wonder.

The female Gorilla above is a beautiful, intelligent individual and if her eyes don't show you she's a sentient being worthy of respect, then you should just leave my blog now....gottit?

Now if you want to purchase the above photo, click below. It is available to buy as a framed print, laminated print or mounted print. If you want a simple matte print, email me at durberville AT optushome . com . au

Click here to buy:

I'm also available in Melbourne, Australia for dog photography sessions, but more of that will come later.

If you're impatient (hopefully someone is), you can go here:


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